Combines Residential,
Industrial and Port Estates


AKR GEM (Grand Estate Marina) City is the development of an Independent City located on an 800 hectare land in Gresik, East Java that combines housing, industry and ports in an interconnected network. It can be accessed in less than 40 minutes from CBD Surabaya.

Integrated in the Java Integrated Industrial and Port Estate covering an area of ​​3000 hectares, AKR GEM City is equipped with the best infrastructure and facilities for the international market share which will certainly make this region shine more.

7 Wonder Districts

Integrated Township


Having a ROW 50m is the main entry access of AKR GEM City. Residential is equipped with supporting facilities that will provide comfort and facilitate your lifestyle in doing business & living in AKR GEM City.


Located in a strategic location, with complete infrastructure, and supported by various facilities that can support every line of business that is run.


Located between CBD District and University District, which has a Warehouse complex with a 3 In 1 concept (Office, showroom & warehouse) and has many other supporting facilities.

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